How does the food industry benefit from cleanrooms?


The health and well being of millions depends on manufacturers’ and packagers’ ability to maintain a safe and sterile environment during production. This is why professionals in this sector are held to much stricter standards than other industries. With such high expectations from consumers and regulatory bodies, a growing number of food companies are opting the use cleanrooms.

How does a cleanroom work?

With strict filtering and ventilation systems, cleanrooms are entirely sealed off from the rest of a production facility; preventing contamination. Before air is pumped into the space, it is sifted to capture mould, dust, mildew and bacteria.

Personnel who work in a cleanroom are required to adhere to rigorous precautions, including clean suits and masks. These rooms also closely monitor temperature and humidity to ensure the optimal climate.

Benefits of cleanrooms within the food industry

Cleanrooms can be found in numerous applications throughout the food industry. Specifically, they are used in meat and dairy facilities, as well as in the processing of foods that need to be gluten and lactose free. By creating the cleanest possible environment for production, companies can offer their customers peace of mind. Not only can they keep their products free from contamination, but they can extend shelf life and increase efficiency.

Three essential requirements must be adhered to when operating a cleanroom.

1. Internal surfaces must be impervious to microorganisms, use materials that do not create flakes or dust, be smooth, crack and shatter-proof as well as easy to clean.

2. All employees must be fully trained before access to the cleanroom is granted. As the largest source of contamination, anyone entering or leaving the space must be highly managed, with control over how many people enter the room at a given time.

3. An effective system must be put in place to circulate air, removing unwanted particles from the room. Once the air is cleaned, it can be distributed back into the room.

What food manufacturers are investing in cleanroom technology?

In addition to companies operating within the meat, dairy and speciality dietary-requirements industry, other food manufacturers making use of cleanroom technology include: Grain milling, Fruit and vegetable preserving, Sugar and confectionary, Bakeries, Seafood product preparation etc.

During a period of uncertainty stemming from the spread of coronavirus, and a rise in people seeking diet-specific food alternatives, knowing that companies within the food industry are making use of cleanrooms is exceptionally welcome. Airwoods provides professional cleanroom enclosure solutions to customers and implements all-round and integrated services. Including demand analysis, scheme design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance, and daily use maintenance and other services. It is a professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider.

Post time: Nov-15-2020

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