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In the commercial building sector, efficient heating and cooling is not only a key to creating a staff and customer-friendly environment, but also to keep operating costs manageable. Whether it’s hotels, offices, supermarkets or other public commercial building need to ensure an even amount of heating or cooling distribution, as well as maintaining good air quality. Airwoods understands the particular needs of commercial building and can customize an HVAC solution for virtually any configuration, size or budget.

HVAC Requirements For Commercial Building

Office building and retail spaces can be found in buildings of all sizes and shapes, each with its own set of challenges when it comes to HVAC design and installation. The primary objective for most commercial retail spaces is to regulate and maintain a comfortable temperature for customers who come into the store, the retail space that is too hot or too cold can present a distraction for shoppers. As for office building, the size, layout, number of offices/employees, and even the age of the building should weighing into the equation. Indoor air quality is also a important factor to consider. Proper filtering and ventilation are essential for odors prevention and protecting the respiratory health of customers and staff. Some commercial spaces may require 24-7 temperature regulation throughout the facility to conserve energy use during times when spaces are not occupied.








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Airwoods Solution

We provide innovative, efficient, reliable HVAC systems to meet the indoor air quality. Also flexibility, and low sound levels required for office buildings and retail spaces, where comfort and productivity are priorities. For HVAC system design, we take into account such factors as the size of the space, the current infrastructure/equipment, and the number of offices or rooms to be individually regulated. We will engineer a solution that is tailor-made to provide maximum performance while keeping energy consumption costs manageable. We can also work with our clients to help them meet stringent indoor air quality standards. If clients prefer to heat or cool the space only during business hours, we can save you money on your energy bills by providing smart control system to help you automate the heating and cooling schedule for your facility, even maintaining different temperatures for different rooms.

When it comes to HVAC for our commercial retail customers, no job is too large, too small or too complicated. With more than 10 years of experience, Airwoods has built a reputation as an industry leader in providing customized HVAC solutions for wide ranges of businesses.

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