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AIRWOODS is a leading global provider of innovative energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) products and complete HVAC solutions to the commercial and industrial markets. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products at affordable rates.

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  • Airwoods Contracts with Ethiopian Airlines Propeller Cleanroom Project

    On July 5, 2021, Ethiopian Airlines officially informed Guangzhou Airwoods Environment Technology Co., Ltd that it won the bid for the cleanroom construction project of the Ethiopian Airlines Aircraft Propeller Workshop. This contr...

  • 2021 June Alibaba Online Tradeshow Liveshow Schedule

    Date: 15:00 p.m, June 17th CST  1. Introduction of comfort fresh air heat recovery ventilator 2. Introduction and application of single room ERV 3. WIFI control DMTH series ERV + test of UVC d...

  • 2021 Alibaba Live Broadcast Schedule

    Live Time Main Contents Hosts QR Code Live on Alibaba 14:00 p.m, March 4th (CST) Eco Vent Pro Plus Energy Saving Ventilation and  PPE Products Production Cleanroom Service Tom, Andrew   https://activity.ali...

  • Pros & Cons: Modular vs Traditional Cleanroom Walls

    When it comes to designing a new cleanroom, the biggest, and possibly first decision you’ll have to make is whether your cleanroom will be modular or traditionally constructed. There are benefits and limitations to each of these options, and it can be difficult to determ...

  • Do air purifiers really works?

    Maybe you’ve got allergies. Maybe you’ve gotten one too many push notifications about the air quality in your area. Maybe you heard it can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whatever your reason, you’re considering getting an air purifier, but deep down, you can’t help...

  • AHU Coil Winter Protection Guide

    Water have been used to cool and heat air in finned-tube heat exchange coils almost since the inception of heating and air conditioning. Freezing of the fluid and the resultant coil damage have also been around for the same length of time. It is a systematic problem that...

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