Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner

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Rooftop packaged air conditioner adopts industry-leading R410A scroll compressor with stable operation performance, the package unit can be applied into various fields, such as railway transportation, industrial plants, etc. Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner is your best choice for any places where require minimum indoor noise and low installation cost.

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Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner is the middle size AC equipment that combines functions of HVAC (cooling, heating and air ventilation etc.) And it contains all components of compressor, evaporator, condenser and valves etc in one unit. Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner are usually installed on the roof deck in commercial applications.

Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly type R410A refrigerant, less refrigerant injection volume.

Stable and Reliable: Compressor is made by heat-resisting materials, spare parts import from world class brands, strong structure and reliable performance.

Packaged and Compact Design: Integrated with indoor unit and outdoor unit to lower the project investment, shorten installation period, save installation space and easy maintenance in the daily operation.

Product Description:

Rooftop Unit Product description

Product Features:

1. Simplify System, Lower Investment:

Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner ask for neither chilled nor cooling water system, which can save the cost of circulation pump, cooling tower, and other relevant equipment to this system, thus cutting down the total investment and maintenance cost on HVAC system to a great extent.

2. Compact Design, Easy and Flexible Installation, Low Footprint

rooftop AC for buildings

User's requirement on installation is fully considered. The unit is adopted compact design concept that integrating with indoor unit and outdoor condenser units so that there is no additional refrigerant pipe connection and welding jobs at site, and It is safe and easy for delivery and installation.

Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner could be placed outdoor on the ground or the roof deck, no required machine room or indoor space for housing the package unit.

Only a few works for power cabling, control wiring, ducting are needed before system operation

3. Corrosion Resistance, Excellent Weather Conditions Acclimatisation

The unit structural components are powder coated for anti-corrosion. High-strength thermal-insulated framework, double-skin PU sandwich panel, and weather-proof structure design particularly for outdoor installation, that are all ensuring its excellent adaptation to various of climate conditions in different areas.

4. Wide Temperature Range Operation

winter and summer AC

Cooling mode is able to work with environment temperature is high up to 43°C, and also available when it is only 15°C, to satisfy the special cooling demand in some certain applications. Heating is available even the outdoor temperature is as low as -10°C.

5. Customisation For Project

Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner specifications and functional sections could be designed and manufactured according to specific project. For example, high external pressure is available for long-distance ducting ventilation to guarantee sufficient air to each corner room; optional sections could be equipped to satisfy the client’s requirement and create the ideal indoor climate condition.

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