• Rapid Rolling Door

    Rapid Rolling Door

    Rapid rolling door is a barrier-free isolation door that can quickly roll up or down at a speed of over 0.6m/s, whose main function is fast isolation to guarantee the air quality at a dust-free level. It is widely used in fields such as food, chemical, textile, electronic, supermarket, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing, etc. Feature of Motive Power: Brake Motor,0.55-1.5kW,220V/380V AC power supply Control System: Micro-computer frequency adaptable controller Voltage of controller: Safe l...
  • Swing Door with Colored GI Panel (door leaf thickness 50mm)

    Swing Door with Colored GI Panel (door leaf thickness 50mm)

    Feature: This series of doors are designed to meet GMP design and safety requirements. No dust, easy to clean. Door leaf installed the high-quality sealing gasket, with good air tightness, easy to clean and air tightness at the same time has a strong impact, paint resistance, anti-fouling advantages. Apply to the pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop, electronics factory and the area which required clean, airtight. Type option: Kind of choice Sandwich panel Handicraft panel Wall thickn...
  • Electronic Lock Pass Boxes

    Electronic Lock Pass Boxes

    Electronic Lock Pass Boxes

  • Double Insulating Glass Window

    Double Insulating Glass Window

    Feature: Desiccant adsorbs water vapor in hollow glass sandwich, it can prevent the glass have mist from the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor (The traditional single glass have the mist from the temperature different between indoor and outdoor), keep the glass cleaning and brighter, to sure the window’s transparent performance. It suits for cleanroom, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, electronics factory, etc. Technical reference: Standard size(mm) 1180×1000 1...
  • Horizontal Flow Clean Bench

    Horizontal Flow Clean Bench

    Horizontal Flow Clean Bench

  • 2MM Anti Static Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Paint

    2MM Anti Static Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Paint

    Maydos JD-505 is a kind of solvent-free two-component static conductive self-leveling epoxy paint. It can achieve a smooth and beautiful surface which is dust-resistant, anti-corrosion and easy to clean. It can also avoid damage of electronic components and fire due to accumulation of static. Suitable for areas of such industries where anti-static is necessary as electronics, telecommunication, printing, precise machinery, powder, chemical, ordnance, space and engine room. Advantages of the ...
  • Vertical Flow Clean Bench

    Vertical Flow Clean Bench

    The vertical air clean bench adopts the form of air flow in the purification principle of vertical one-way flow, which integrates the low-noise centrifugal fan, static pressure case and high efficiency filter into a single unit structure. This product can adopt the separating bench to reduce the impact by vibration.It is a kind of air purification equipment providing a stronger versatility for local high-clean environment.The use of this product can improve the process conditions,enhance th...
  • 2MM Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Paint

    2MM Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Paint

    JD-2000 is a two-component solvent-free epoxy floor paint. Nice appearance, dust &corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The flooring system can bond well with the solid base and has good abrasion and wearing resistance. Meanwhile, it has certain toughness, brittle-resistance and can stand a certain weight. The compressive strength and impact resistance ability is also excellent. Where to Use: It is mainly used for the non-dusty and non-bacteria areas like food factory, pharmaceutical fa...
  • Laminar Pass-box

    Laminar Pass-box

    Laminar pass-box is used for occasions of restrict cleanliness control, such as Center for Decease Prevention, bio-pharmaceuticals, scientific research institution. It is a separation device to prevent cross contamination of air between clean rooms. Operating principle: whenever the door of lower grade clean-room is open, pass-box is going to supply laminar flow and filter airborne particles out of workspace air with fan and HEPA, so as to ensure that air of higher grade clean-room is not co...
  • Cleanroom Aluminium Profile
  • Negative Pressure Weighing Booth

    Negative Pressure Weighing Booth

    Negative pressure weighing booth is a local clean equipment, which is mainly applied in pharmaceutical proportioning weighing and sub-packing to prevent medical powder from spreading or raising, so as to avoid inhalation harm for human body and to avoid cross contamination between work-space and clean-room. Operating principle: filtrated airborne particles from workspace air with fan, primary efficiency filter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA, negative pressure weighing booth supplies vert...
  • Laboratory Storage Cabinet

    Laboratory Storage Cabinet

    Laboratory Storage Cabinet According to different requirements and purposes, AIRWOODS supplies different kinds of laboratory storage cabinet series, including reagent cabinet(drug cabinet), utensil cabinet, air cylinder cabinet, locker, sample cabinet and filing cabinet, etc. This series products are classified into all-steel type, aluminum and wood type and all-wood type, etc, according to materials, with optional air draft device.
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