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Pharmaceuticals plants rely on the performance of clean rooms to ensure crucial product standards are achieved. HVAC systems in manufacturing portions of pharmaceutical facilities are closely supervised by the government agency. Failure to comply with any of the quality requirements can put the owner at both regulatory and business at risk. Therefore it is important that the pharmaceutical facilities are constructed under a rigorous and well-defined quality-control system. Airwoods design, builds and maintains robust HVAC system and cleanroom that meet the stringent demand inherent to the pharmaceutical facilities.

HVAC Requirements for Pharmaceutical

Indoor air quality requirements in pharmaceutical plaints, including humidity control and filtration are among the most stringent of any building application. One of the most critical process is proper ventilation. Because the primary objective is controlling the pollutant in manufacturing and researching area, the dust and microbe are the constant threats within these facilities, requiring a carefully designed system of filtering and ventilation that adheres to stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) standards and helps minimize the exposure to airborne diseases and pollutant.

Additionally, because pharmaceutical facilities require constant, effective climate control, it’s critical that the HVAC system is durable enough to operate continually, yet efficient enough to keep energy costs as low as possible. Finally, because different areas of the facilities will have their own unique ventilation and temperature needs, the HVAC system must be designed to adapt to differing climate control requirements within different parts of the facility.


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Airwoods Solution

Our HVAC solutions, integrated Ceiling Systems, and Customize Clean room help meet the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which requires strict particulate and contaminant control.

We conduct a full assessment of our customers’ need and provide comprehensive design taking account into the production process, equipment, air conditioning purification, water supply and drainage, government specifications and regulations.

For pharmaceutical manufacturing, productivity and efficiency are keys to success. The design layout shall be reasonable and compact according to the requirements of the production process, which is conducive to the production operation and ensures effective management of the production process.

For air purification system, there are two important concepts. One is positive pressure control to prevent the impact of external air on the environment; And negative pressure control to prevent the diffusion of particle pollution in the production process. Whether you need a positive air pressure or negative air pressure cleanroom, an experienced cleanroom manufacturer and distributor, such as Airwoods, can ensure the design, development, and delivery of a solution that meets your needs. At Airwoods, our experts have full working knowledge of the entire cleanroom design and construction process, from cleanroom materials and best practices to the HVAC equipment needed for different types of applications.

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