• Single Way Blower Fresh Air Filtration Systems

    Single Way Blower Fresh Air Filtration Systems

    Excellent Indoor Air Quality, High Oxygen Content The single-way fresh air filtration system supplies outdoor fresh air to room with high purification. It’s equipped with double filters with PM2.5 filtration rate over 95%. It can be used to work together with Holtop energy recovery ventilator for better air purification either used independently for air purification in air conditioning system. It has the optional functions of indoor circulation. In the situation when it’s not suitable to in...
  • Fresh Air Disinfection Box for HVAC System

    Fresh Air Disinfection Box for HVAC System

    The Features of Fresh Air Disinfection Box System
    (1) Efficient inactivation
    Kill the virus in the air in a short time, greatly reducing the possibility of virus transmission.
    (2) Full initiative
    A variety of purification ions are generated and emitted to the entire space, and various harmful pollutants are actively decomposed, which is efficient and comprehensive.
    (3) Zero pollution
    No secondary pollution and zero noise.
    (4) Reliable and convenient
    (5) High quality, convenient installation and maintenance
    Application: residential house, small office, kindergarten, school and other places.

  • Air Purifiers with Disinfection Function

    Air Purifiers with Disinfection Function

    Molecular breaking technology air disinfection type purifier sterilization rate is up to 99.9%. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):480m3/h, suitable for area 40-60m2. Effectively remove odor and purify PM2.5, haze, pollen, dust, VOCs. The air purifier has been tested in the microbiology detection center. The killing rate for H1N1 virus  and H3N2 virus is about 99.9%.

  • Airwoods Ceiling Air Purifier

    Airwoods Ceiling Air Purifier

    1. Capture and killing virus with high efficiency. Remove H1N1 over 99% within one hour.
    2. Low pressure resistance with 99.9% dust filtration rate
    3. Celling type installation for any room and commercial space

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