• DC Inverter DX Air Handling Unit

    DC Inverter DX Air Handling Unit

    Features of Indoor Unit

    1. Core heat recovery technologies
    2. Holtop heat recovery technology can effectively reduce the heat and cold load caused by ventilation, it’s energy saving and environmental protection.Breath healthy air
    3. Say no to indoor and outdoor dust, particles, formaldehyde, peculiar smell and other harmful substances, enjoy the natural fresh and health air.
    4. Comfortable ventilation
    5. Our goal is to bring you the comfortable and clean air.


    Features of Outdoor Unit

    1. High Heat Exchange Efficiency
    2. Multiple leading technologies, building a stronger, more stable and efficient cooling system.
    3. Silence operation
    4. Innovative noise canceling techniques, minimising the operation noise for both indoor and outdoor unit, creating a silent environment.
    5. Compact design
    6. New casing design with better stability and appearance. The inner system elements is from world famous brands to ensure high quality.

  • Heat recovery DX Coil Air Handling Units

    Heat recovery DX Coil Air Handling Units

    Combined with core technology of HOLTOP AHU, DX (Direct Expansion) coil AHU provide both AHU and outdoor condensing unit. It’s an flexible and simple solution for all building area, such as mall, office,Cinema,School etc. The direct expansion (DX) heat recovery and purification air conditioning unit is an air treatment unit that uses air as a source of cold and heat, and is an integrated device of both cold and heat sources. It consists of an outdoor air-cooled compression condensing section...
  • Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

    Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

    Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

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