Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

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Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

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Commercial Building Fresh Air & Temperature Solution

Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

Advanced Low Noise Technology

Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

3-Side U Type Heat Exchanger Structure


3-side U-type heat exchanger makes effective use of fan airflow, fully expands the heat transfer area and greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency without increasing the unit space.
Compact structure, high strength, more convenient on installation and maintenance.
Aluminum fin with hydrophilic film is adopted to improve heat transfer coefficient of wet film and overall heat transfer coefficient of unit. 
u shape heat exchanger


Long Tube Design

The length of tube pipe connection between indoor unit and outdoor unit can be 50m, and the highest drop is 25m. It is more convenient to install the indoor and outdoor unit at project site. Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

High Efficiency Heat Transfer Fin

Copper tube with Ø7.94 high tooth and high internal thread, moderate flow rate, heat exchange and defrosting comprehensive performance is the best.
Ø7 copper tube spacing is too small, frost effect on heat transfer, frost thickness, affect the defrost time.

Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

Control System

Wire controller is simple and convinient, which mostly applies at small and medium-sized business area.

*Heat pump type: cooling/heating/fresh air supply
*Temperature setting range: 16~32°C
*Timing switch on/off
*LCD displayer, displaying setting temperature, operating mode, real time clock(optional),
week(optional), on/off, and fault.
*Automatically restart after reconnecting power

Functional Control System

Building system based on MODBUS can connect to central control system by MODBUS communication interface, realizing central control without connecting to conversion equipment, which is suitable for medium to large-sized air conditioning system.

Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

Dual Temperature Sensors

Innovative design with two temperature sensors, one at return vent, and one at the control panel,
to detect the indoor temperature around the room, and make sure the hot wind(winter heating
mode) would be sent to each corner of the room uniformly.

Suspended DX Air Handling Unit

Cold Wind Prevention, to Provide The Best Comfort of Heating

For heating in winter, when the AHU start, the coil-fin will be pre-heated before supply fan starts; when the AHU is under defrosting mode, AHU supply fan will stop; when defrosting is over, the
coil-fin will be also pre-heated before supply fan start again.

Specification of  Suspended DX Air Handling Unit


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