Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

Short Description:

Air conditioning with air to air heat recovery, heat recovery efficiency is higher than 60%.

Product Detail


Due to the large size and complicated structure, traditional air handling unit with heat recovery faced the limitation of room to install and maintenance in commercial and industrial application. In order to find solutions for the fast developing market of limited space, HOLTOP take its core air to air heat recovery technology to develop the compact type air handling unit with heat recovery. The compact configurations include flexible combinations of filter, energy recovery, cooling, heating, humidification, airflow regulation, etc., aiming to meet the ventilation, air conditioning and energy saving requirements in green modern buildings.


HJK AHU model descriptions

1) The AHU has functions of air conditioning with air to air heat recovery. Slim and compact structure with flexible way of installation. It greatly reduces construction cost and improve the utilization rate of space.

2) The AHU equipped with sensible or enthalpy plate heat recovery core. Heat recovery efficiency can be higher than 60%.

3) 25mm panel type integrated framework, it’s perfect to stop cold bridge and enhancing the intensity of the unit

4) Double-skin sandwiched panel with high density PU foam to prevent cold bridge.

5) Heating/cooling coils are made of hydrophilic and anticorrosive coated aluminum fins, effectively eliminate “water bridge” on the gap of fin, and reduces the ventilation resistance and noise as well as the energy consumption, the thermal efficiency can be increased by 5%.

6) The unit apply unique double beveled water drain pan to ensure condensed water from the heat exchanger (sensible heat) and coil discharge completely.

7) Adopt high efficiency outer rotor fan, which is low noise, high static pressure, smooth operation and reduce maintenance costs.

8) The external panels of the unit are fixed by nylon leading screws, effectively solved the cold bridge, making it easier to maintain and examination in limit space.

9) Equipped with standard draw-out filters, reducing maintenance space and costs.

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