Industrial Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

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Used for indoor air treatment. Industrial Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit are large and medium-sized air conditioning equipment with functions of refrigeration, heating, constant temperature and humidity, ventilation , air purification and heat recovery.


This product integrates the combined air conditioning box and the direct expansion air conditioning technology, which can realize the centralized integrated control of refrigeration and air conditioning. It has simple system, stable performance, compact structure, good control accuracy, low noise, high static pressure, low vibration, high anti-corrosion degree, good sealing, good rain and dust-proof performance, convenient installation and shape. Beautiful features. * It can adopt industrial level programming control and micro-computer control. It has many communication protocols, such as material link communication or Internet remote monitoring. The unit is divided into two parts: compression condensation section and air treatment section. The compression condensation section is modularized, and the air treatment section is modularized according to its function, so as to reduce energy loss and reduce energy cost. It can be placed on roof or open space without special computer room. The product is suitable for water-inconvenient places and large-scale factory buildings and workshops in areas where water resources are scarce. It can also be used for all-air air conditioning systems in comfortable places such as hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and office buildings.

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