Industrial Combined Air Handling Units

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Industrial AHU is specially designed for modern factory, such as Automotive, Electronic, Spacecraft, Pharmaceutical etc. Holtop provides solution to handle the indoor air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, fresh air, VOCs etc.

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Industrial AHU is an air handling equipment which is designed according to specified project need, and combined with cooling, heating (water/steam/gas burning etc), humidifying/dehumidifying (steam/spray/wheel etc), air-purifying (washing/filtration/electrostatic etc), energy recovery, and some relevant functions to create an optimal indoor climate to satisfy the production technical procedure need of the industrial workshop.

Holtop have been devoting ourselves on industrial building air quality solution for decades of years from unit design, manufacturing, factory pre-assembly and testing, shipping, to site installation, commissioning, training and maintenance. We provide flexible options to meet the requirements of your manufacturing facility or process. We have 50B, 80C, 80B series for different capacity range.

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prod industrial 50b

50 B

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80 C

prod industrial 80b

80 B

Industrial AHU Series 02

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Industrial AHU Sunmmary 03

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Unit Design


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