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VRF (Multi-connected air conditioning) is a type of central air conditioning, commonly known as “one connect more” refers to a primary refrigerant air conditioning system in which one outdoor unit connects two or more indoor units through piping, the outdoor side adopts air-cooled heat transfer form and the indoor side adopts direct evaporation heat transfer form. At present, VRF systems are widely used in small and medium-sized buildings and some public buildings.


Characteristics of VRF Central Air Conditioning

Compared with the traditional central air-conditioning system, the multi-online central air-conditioning system has the following characteristics:

  • Energy saving and low operating cost.
  • Advanced control and reliable operation.
  • The unit has good adaptability and wide range of refrigeration and heating.
  • High degree of freedom in design, convenient installation and billing.

VRF central air conditioning has been favored by consumers since it was put on the market.

Advantages of VRF Central Air Conditioning

Compared with traditional air-conditioning, multi-online air-conditioning has obvious advantages: using a new concept, it integrates multi-technology, intelligent control technology, multi-health technology, energy-saving technology and network control technology, and meets the requirements of consumers on comfort and convenience.

Compared with many household air-conditioners, multi-online air-conditioners have less investment and only one outdoor unit. It is easy to install, beautiful and flexible to control. It can realize centralized management of indoor computers and adopt network control. It can start an indoor computer independently or multiple indoor computers simultaneously, which makes the control more flexible and energy-saving.

Multi-line air conditioning occupies less space. Only one outdoor machine can be placed on the roof. Its structure is compact, beautiful and space-saving.

Long piping, high drop. Multi-line air-conditioning can be installed with 125 meters of super-long piping and 50 meters of indoor machine drop. The difference between two indoor machines can reach 30 meters, so the installation of multi-line air-conditioning is arbitrary and convenient.

Indoor units for multi-online air conditioning can be selected in various specifications and styles can be matched freely. Compared with the general central air-conditioning, it avoids the problem that the general central air-conditioning is open and energy-consuming, so it is more energy-saving. In addition, the automation control avoids the problem that the general central air conditioning needs special room and professional guard.

Another major feature of multi-online central air-conditioning is intelligent network central air-conditioning, which can drive many indoor computers by one outdoor unit and connect with the computer network through its network terminal interface. The remote control of air-conditioning operation is implemented by the computer, which meets the demand of modern information society for network appliances.


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