• GMV5 HR Multi-VRF

    GMV5 HR Multi-VRF

    High efficiency GMV5 Heat Recovery System embodies the excellent features of GMV5(DC inverter technology, DC fan linkage control, precise control of capacity output, balancing control of refrigerant, original oil balancing technology with high pressure chamber, high-efficiency output control, low-temperature operation control technology, super heating technology, high adaptability for project, environmental refrigerant). Its energy efficiency is improved by 78% compared with conventional...
  • All DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioning System

    All DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioning System

    VRF (Multi-connected air conditioning) is a type of central air conditioning, commonly known as “one connect more” refers to a primary refrigerant air conditioning system in which one outdoor unit connects two or more indoor units through piping, the outdoor side adopts air-cooled heat transfer form and the indoor side adopts direct evaporation heat transfer form. At present, VRF systems are widely used in small and medium-sized buildings and some public buildings. Characteristics of VRF Ce...

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