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Project Deepening Design

Airwoods has more than 10 years of extensive experience in overseas air conditioning and clean room engineering project services, and has own project service team with extensive experience. According to the characteristics and actual progress of each project, we can provide multi-level design consulting services. (mainly divided into conceptual design, preliminary design, detailed design and construction drawing design stages), and provide various design services for customer (such as consulting services and suggestions, air conditioning equipment selection design, overall project design, original design drawing optimization, etc.).

Design Stage

(1) Conceptual Design:
Provide suggestions and conceptual design drawings for the customer in the project planning stage, and provide an estimated cost for the project.

(2) Preliminary Design:
At the start-up stage of the project, and customer has preliminary planning drawings, we can provide the preliminary HVAC design drawings for customer.

(3) Detailed Design:
In the implementation stage of the project, it is about to enter the procurement stage, we can provide the customer with detailed HVAC design drawings, and provide basis for the contract between both parties, also for the future project implementation.

(4)  Construction Drawing Design
In the construction stage of the project, we will provide detailed HVAC construction drawings according to the Project site survey results.

Design Service Content

(1) Free consulting services and suggestions

(2) Provide free air conditioning parameter calculation, verification and detailed air conditioning unit section design, and provide detailed air conditioning unit drawings.

(3) Provide professional design drawings for the overall air conditioning project and clean room project (Including decoration, air conditioning, electrical and other disciplines).

(4) Provide drawing optimization services for the existing preliminary design drawing project.

Design and consultation fee may deduct from the overall project procurement contract, if both parties sign the overall project procurement contract. Please consult our sales team for details. 

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