In-Rack Precision Air Conditioner (Link-Cloud Series)

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Link-Cloud Series In-Rack (Gravity Type Heat Pipe Rear Panel) Precision Air Conditioner is energy saving, safe and reliable with intelligent control. The advanced techniques, In-Rack cooling and full dry-condition operation satisfy the cooling requirements of modern data center.

1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving
-High heat density cooling to eliminate hot spots easily
-Auto adjustment of air flow and cooling capacity according to the heat release of server cabinet
-Simplified airflow design with large wind area, low wind resistance and low energy consumption
-Precise cooling for target heat source with high efficiency and low energy consumption
-Complete sensible heat refrigeration avoids energy consumption caused by repeated humidification and dehumidification

2. Safe and Reliable
-Full dry- condition operation ensures no water into room
-Use eco refrigerant R134a with less pressure and low leakage rate
-System failure rate is low because there is only motor fan as rotating part
-Full protection for fan with high reliability

3. Advanced Technique
-ISO quality management and lean production (TPS)
-Manufacturing techniques for IT facility
-Fine and decent black cabinet matches data center perfectly
-High- strength frame is suitable for sea, land and air transportation
-Unitary punch forming duct with high strength and nice exterior

4. Room Saving
-Integrated design with server cabinet, no need additional pre- reserved installation space
-Auto adaptation to server power, easy flexible expansion for server
-Capacity expansion with rear panel unit is easy to satisfy added cooling requirement in data center

5. Intelligent Management
-Perfect integral control and design
-Use reliable dedicated controller of international famous brands
-Control through local display and central monitor
-Connect and communicate though dedicated Protocol 485, high communication speed and excellent stability
-Large size LCD touch screen with rich display content and multiple protection
-Bright colorful LCD screen with high- intelligent interface design
-Equipped with alert protection, alert log, data graphic record and display functions
-Secondary analysis and treatment on base of historical data imported to computer
-Perfect anti- condensing control and gas leakage alarm functions

6. Easy Maintenance
-Hot- swap fan design, allow online maintenance
-Inlet and outlet pipes are connected by screw threads without welding
-Fan and electronic components are equipped with access door for easy maintenance

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Container Data Center
High-heat-density Data Center

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