Dehumidification Type Air Handling Units

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Dehumidification Type Air Handling Units

High efficiency and reliability :

  1. Totally self contained unit in robust stainless steel with double skin construction…
  2. CNC fabricated with industrial grade coating, external skin MS powder coated, internal skin GI..for special applications like food and pharmaceutical, the internal skin can be SS.
  3. High moisture removal capacity.
  4. EU-3 grade leak tight filters for Air intakes.
  5. Multiple choice of reactivation heat source:-electrical, steam, thermic fluid, direct/indirect fired gas.
  6. Easy addition of pre/after cooler, higher grade filter.
  7. Rotor incorporates robust internal structure with perimeter flange for industrial quality and durability
  8. Rotor is non-flammable with organic < 2%.
  9. Hard face coating on rotor edge ensures long life and good sealing for media and seals.
  10. Process and reactivation air flows are insulated.
  11. Unique PTFE bonded bulb seal design; minimised air leakage.

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