Double Insulating Glass Window

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Desiccant adsorbs water vapor in hollow glass sandwich, it can prevent the glass have mist from the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor (The traditional single glass have the mist from the temperature different between indoor and outdoor), keep the glass cleaning and brighter, to sure the window’s transparent performance. It suits for cleanroom, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, electronics factory, etc.

Technical reference:

Standard size(mm) 1180×1000 1180×1000
Standard thickness(mm) 50 75 100

Double insulating glass window:

Double insulating glass window

A-Aluminum frame
Aluminum alloy frame in clean grade.

B-PVC cover
The desiccant adsorbs water vapor in hollow glass sandwich is under the PVC cover,it can prevent the mist in glass from temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

C-Tempered glass
When the glass is damaged by external force,it will be broken into honeycomb-shaped obtuse angles small particles,which not easy to cause harm to the human body The strength of glass is 3 or 5 times than common glass.


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