Clean Room Fume Hood

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Clean Room Fume Hood is one of the most important safety equipment in the laboratory.
It effectively and partially protects the product users and other laboratory people from the harm of chemical reagents and other harmful substances.
It is fireproof and explosion-proof. Based on material, it can be classified as all-steel fume hood, steel and wood fume hood, FRP fume hood; based on usage, it can be classified as bench-type fume hood and floor-type fume hood.

1. The running status can be displayed visually.
2. Equipped with fan and lighting switch.
3. VAV variable air volume system control function.
4. Equipped with intelligent automatic delay shutdown function to completely evacuate the residual corrosive gas to protect the service life of the equipment.
5. Strong exhaust function in emergency.
6, temperature setting function, when the temperature inside the cabinet exceeds the set value, the system will alarm
7. Voltage adjustable function (0 ~ 220V).
8. Automatically set on / off function.
9. Clock display function, effectively control the experimental time.
10. Wind speed alarm control device for option.
11. Purification function is matched with outdoor exhaust gas purifier.

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Clean Room Fume Hood

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