Automatic Sliding Door of Air Shower

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Features of Automatic Sliding Door of Air Shower:
The power beam is made of the aluminum section material with a reasonable and reliable drive structure and the service life more than 1 million times.
The door body is made of colorized steel plate with foaming process or made of the large-plane sub-light stainless steel plate and framed large-plane glass. At both sides and the center joint, there are the sealing strips installed. The front door and the back door can be interlocked, which conforms to the requirement for environment.
The sliding door operates steadily. According to the characteristics of the user, it is allowed to set up the modes such as infrared induction, foot induction, password entry and manual control. The other control device can be equipped as required.

Structure of Automatic Sliding Door of Air Shower:

Automatic Sliding Door of Air Shower

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