Swing Door with Colored GI Panel

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This series of doors professionally designed for use in public places, the use of arc transition in the structure design, effective anti-collision, no dust, easy to clean. Panel is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, impact resistance, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, colorful and other advantages. Can effectively solve the public places or hospitals prone door knock, touch, scratch, deformation and other issues. It used in hospitals, kindergartens and apply to various places where cleanliness and airtight requirements are required.

Type option:

Kind of choice Sandwich panel Handicraft panel
Wall thickness(mm) 50,75,100 50,75,100
The type of panel HPL,Aluminum panel
The type of lock Handle lock,Globular lock,Split lock,Push type panic bar,Touch the bead lock,SUS handle
Controlling type Exposed door closer,Interlock, Electric swing door machine


50# Swing door with colored GI panel (door leaf thickness 40mm)

 Swing door with colored GI panel


Durable, cold resistant and heat resisting, not easily deformed, thermostability and other characteristics

B-Observation window

Double-glazed windows, panel flush with no dead ends, shockproof the overall appearance easier to clean .


lock Adopting stainless steel lock body, with stable in performance, safe, shock resistance. The clamp-proof handle also can be opened by elbow.


Panel use HPL with special board material with wear-resistant, moisture-proof impact resistance, flame retardant, antibacterial, anti-fouling, color rich and so on.


Hinges increase nylon bushings, improve the traditional steel hinge time will produce metal powder, and easy to produce friction sound shortcomings, the product is wear-resistant, easy to clean, solid and beautiful, more suitable for use in the hospital clean area.

F-Door frame

The whole door frame with a smooth transition design, anti-collision injury, easy to clean.

G-Door leaf

The overall appearance easier to clean, solid appearance, rich colors, dust and other advantages.




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