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Before the operator enters the clean room, clean air is used to blow the dust particles adhesive to the surface of his clothes, in order to prevent the dust out of the air shower and reduce the operational cost of the purification room effectively.

By implementation of the double-door fan interlocking through photo-electric sensing, it is allowed to adjust the time for air shower, to enter the automatic starting up. The single unit can be used, or multi units can be assembled for linkage to constitute the channel of air shower with voiceprompt and infrared electronic interlocking control. The specified channel of air shower can be made to order according to the requirement of the customer.

Extemal case body: stainless steel plate/plate electrostatic coating;
Intermal case body: stainless steel plate/plate electrostatic coating;
Door: stainless steel door:
Material of nozzle: stainless steel;
Number of nozzle: 2×6(single);
Time of air shower: 0-99s(adjustable);
Air speed:18-22m/s;

air shower

Schematic Diagram for Air Shower

air shower

Air Shower Parameters:air shower

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air shower

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