Laminar Pass-box

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Laminar pass-box is used for occasions of restrict cleanliness control, such as Center for Decease Prevention, bio-pharmaceuticals, scientific research institution. It is a separation device to prevent cross contamination of air between clean rooms.
Operating principle: whenever the door of lower grade clean-room is open, pass-box is going to supply laminar flow and filter airborne particles out of workspace air with fan and HEPA, so as to ensure that air of higher grade clean-room is not contaminated by workspace air. In addition, by periodically disinfecting the surface of inner chamber with ultraviolet germicidal lamp, bacterial breeding in inner chamber is effectively prevented.
Laminar pass-box we made has these features:
(1) Touchscreen controller, simple to use. It is convenient to set parameters and view pass-box status for user.
(2) Equipped with negative pressure gauge to monitor HEPA status in real-time, it is convenient for user to determine replacement time limit.
(3) Equipped with aerosol testing injecting & sampling ports, convenient to carry out PAO testing.
(4) With double-layer reinforced glass window, it appears elegant.

Laminar Pass-box

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