Rapid Rolling Door

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Rapid rolling door is a barrier-free isolation door that can quickly roll up or down at a speed of over 0.6m/s, whose main function is fast isolation to guarantee the air quality at a dust-free level. It is widely used in fields such as food, chemical, textile, electronic, supermarket, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing, etc.

Feature of Motive Power:
Brake Motor,0.55-1.5kW,220V/380V AC power supply
Control System: Micro-computer frequency adaptable controller
Voltage of controller: Safe low-voltage,24V DC Speed:1m/s
Environment Temperature:-10℃~+70℃
Wind-resistance Ability: 9m/s (50Pa standard 3×3)
Wind-resistance: Aluminum-alloy anti-windwave framework, connected in sectional style, convenient replace;
Framework Max Dimension:8mx6m. Dimension can be customized according to the actual need of client.

Rapid Rolling Door

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