Medical Airtight Door for Operating Room

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This series of door design is according to GMP design and safety requirements. It is a custom automatic door and design for hospital operating room, hospital ward area, kindergarten. Select high efficiency brushless DC motor with small size, large power, low noise and long life. High quality sealing gasket is inlaid around door leaf, close to door sleeve when closed, with good air tightness.

Type option

Kind of choice Sandwich panel Handicraft panel Wall door
Wall thickness (mm) ≥ 50 ≥ 50 ≥ 50
The type of panel Colored GI panel,SUS panel,HPL,Aluminum panel
The type of lock Hidden handle,SUS handle
Controlling type Electric door system

medical airtight door


It made of highlstrength aluminum alloy, surface polishing treatment, durable.

B-Observation window

Double-glazed windows, panel flush with no dead ends, shockproof the overall appearance easier to clean.


Hidden handle, integral arc over-design, seamless no dead angle, easy to clean, firm and beautiful, maximize door hole opening.


Use HPL panel, wear-proof, moisture-proof, crashworthiness, fire retardant, antiseptic, anti fouling, and rich color, etc.(The door hole width of single door leaf below 1700mm use the complete whole panel.)

E-Door frame

The whole door frame with a smooth transition design, anti-collision, easy to clean.


Durable, cold resistant and heat resisting, not easily deformed, thermostability and other characteristics G-Door leaf The overall appearance easier to clean, solid appearance, rich colors, dust and other advantages.

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