Shaped Rock Wool Glass Magnesium Sandwich Plate

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Shaped Rock Wool Glass Magnesium Sandwich Plate

The surface is high grade of polyester, PVDF polyester and fluororesin paint. The face metal sheet can be used the galvanized sheet, 304# stainless steel sheet, aluminum-magnesium-managanese sheet and aluminum alloy sheet. So it has good anti-corrosion, acidproof, anti-crak, thermostability and ageing resistance. The core materials is A-class flame resistant. There is neither melting during burning nor high temperature decomposing dripping. As a first choice product of cleaning room, operating room, pharmaceutical factory, electron workshop, high grade purification laboratories. It is characterized by high intensity, impact resistance, good shock resistance and easy construction and installation.

Core materials: stuff rock wool, non-spill MgSO4, MgO and bittem, Med-alkalinity glass fiber net enforced, waterproof, non-toxic, staleproof and shockproof.

Applicable industries: the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, medicine and health, disease control, inspection and quarantine, Optical technology, laser technology, precision instruments, microelectronics, etc.


shaped rock wool glass magnesium sandwich plate

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