Rabbet Type Glass Magnesium Laminboard

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Rabbet type Glass magnesium laminboard.
Effective width: 1150mm
Thickness: 50mm—150mm(according to the requirement of customers)
Length: It is made according to the need of end users and project requirement.
Core material: Glass magnesium hollow core, glass magnesium rock wool, glass magnesium foam, glass magnesium aluminum honeycomb, glass magnesium paper honeycomb.
Erection structure and application: Rabbet joint.
It is widely used in:Indoor and outdoor boards for purifying factory building,combined house and indoor partition with high level requirement in fire proofing and thermal insulation.
E.g.Interior decoration of civil buildings for medicine,electronics,biology research,foodstuff,beverage etc.

Rabbet type Glass magnesium laminboard


Rabbet type Glass magnesium laminboard for cleanroom Rabbet type Glass magnesium laminboard for cleanroom

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