Join Us at the Canton Fair! Oct.15-19, 2023 | Booth: 3.1N14


Airwoods is thrilled to announce its participation in the 134th Canton Fair, where we will be unveiling our groundbreaking products designed to redefine air management solutions. Join us from October 15th to 19th, 2023, at Booth 3.1N14 to explore our latest innovations.

Featured Products:
1.Comfort Fresh Air Ceiling Mounted ERV:
·Wireless Operation: Ensures balanced ventilation.
·Group Control Feature: Control multiple ventilators via an app.
·WiFi Function: Various controls and settings available.
·New Control Panel: Uses radio signals for communication.
·Ceramic Energy Regenerator: With regeneration efficiency up to 97%.
·Reversible EC Fans: For silent operation and energy saving.


2.Eco-Pair Single Room ERV:
·Multiple Filters: Ensures air cleanness.
·Optional C-POLA Filter: For air disinfection.
·Forward EC Fan: Enhanced air circulation.
·DC Inverter Compressor: Efficient energy utilization.
·DC Invert Fresh


3.Air Heat Pump:
·All-in-One Package: Heating, cooling, energy recovery ventilation, and disinfection.
·Multiple Filters: For air cleanness and optional air disinfection.
·Washable Cross Counterflow Enthalpy Heat Exchanger: Ensures optimal energy recovery.
·Anticorrosion Condensation Tray: With insulated and waterproof side panel.


4.Air Purifier:
·Effectively arrests, inactivates and eliminates viruses and bacteria and is approved safe by international authorities.
·Efficiently catches dust, pollutants and allergens through a HEPA filter
·Healthy Fresh Breath with Negative Iron


Join Us at the Canton Fair!
Discover the future of air management solutions with Airwoods. Our experts will be on hand to demonstrate the features and benefits of our innovative products. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience our cutting-edge technologies and learn how they can transform your living and working environments!


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