Eco pair- Single Room Energy Recovery Ventilator ERV

Short Description:

Our newly developed single-room ERV was upgraded recently, which is an economic solution for the apartment project no matter new or refurbishment.

The new version of the unit will with below features:

* WiFi function is available, which allows users to operate the ERV via App control for convenience.
* Two or more units operate simultaneously in the opposite way to reach balanced ventilation.

For example, if you install 2 pieces and they exactly operate at the same time in the opposite way you can reach the indoor air more comfortably.

* Upgrade the elegant remote controller with 433mhz to make sure the communication is more smooth and easy to control.

Product Detail


Eco pair ERV catalog
Product Description


Wireless connection of master and slave unit, no wiring or dialing needed, 30 meters ultra long distance transmission.
* 30 meters was tested without barrier and interference. In practical application, it is recommended to install within 8-15 meters. Please avoid the strong interference sources and shielding objects (e.g. iron frames, aluminum ceiling).

Eco pair ERV


The ventilator can create group control at the APP, the quantity is not limited. User can control all the ventilators in the group easily.

Eco pair ERV

eco pair erv


• On/off setting
• Fan speed control
• Working mode selection
• LED lights on/off
• 7*24 hours timer setting
• Error display
• Online/offline display
• Linkage status display
• Smart control according to local weather
• Linkage control with other appliances with Tuya IoT

WIFI function

New Contorl Panel

•Using radio signal for communication.
•Longer distances communication up to 15m without barrier.
•Wider control area, multiple devices can be controlled at the same time.
•Accurate control to avoid controlling the wrong device.

control panel

Product Structure 


The high-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regeneration efficiency up to 97 % ensures extract air heat recovery for warming of supply air flow. Due to the cellular structure the unique regenerator has a large air contact surface and high heat-conducting and heat-accumulating properties.

The ceramic regenerator is treated with an antibacterial composition which prevents bacteria growth inside of the energy regenerator. The antibacterial properties last for 10 years.


The two integrated air filters with total filtration rate G3 provide supply and extract air filtration. The filters prevent ingress of dust and insects into the supply air and contamination of the ventilator parts. The filters also have antibacterial treatment.

The filter cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner or water flushing. The antibacterial solution is not removed. F8 filter is available as a specially ordered accessory, but when installed, it reduces the air flow down to 40 m 3 /h.


The reversible axial fan with a EC motor. Due to the applied EC technology the fan is featured with low power consumption and silen operation. The fan motor has integrated thermal overheating protection and ball bearings for long service life

Eco pair ERV

Operation In Different Mode

Regeneration Mode
Under regeneration model, the ventilators work in pair, one will extract air and the other will supply air. The fans rotate in different direction.
Supply Mode
Under supply mode, two ventilators will run simultaneously to supply air to the room
Exhaust Mode
Under exhaust mode, two ventilators will exhaust air simultaneously
operation mode


The ventilator operates in the heat recovery mode with two cycles can save energy by over 30% compared with the normal exhaust fan. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 97% when the air first entering the heat regenerator. It can recover the energy in the room and reduce the load on the heating system in winter.


The ventilator operates in the heat recovery mode with two cycles. Two units intake/exhaust air alternately at the same time to achieve balance ventilation. It will increase the indoor comfort and make ventilation more effective. The heat and humidity in the room can be recovered during ventilating and the load on cooling system can be reduced in summer.



Track 6 air quality factors. Accurately detect the current CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity and PM2.5 in the air. Wifi function available, connect device with Tuya App and view the data in realtime. It can connect with Eco Pair ERV without wire, and control them according to the detected data to ensure air quality at any time. The operation functions can be designed according to the preference of users.




Model No. AV-TTW6-W
Voltage 100V~240V AC /50-60Hz
Power [W] 5.9 8.8 11.3
Current [A] 0.03 0.05 0.06
Air flow in regeneration mode [m3/h] 26 55 64
Air flow in energy recovery mode [m3/h] 14 27 32
SFP [W/m3/h] 0.43 0.31 0.35
Sound pressure level at 1 m distance [dBA] 28 32.9 36.7
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance [dBA] 12 27.5 31.9
Regeneration Efficiency Up to 97%
SEC Class A
Transported air temperature [°C] -20~50
Ingress Protection Rating IP22
RPM 2000 (max)
Diameter of duct [mm| 159mm
Type of installation Wall mounting
Net Weight 3.4kg

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