Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator with Internal Purifier

Short Description:

Fresh Air Ventilator + Purifier (Multifunctional);
High Efficiency Cross Counterflow Heat Exchanger, Efficiency Is Up To 86%;
Multiple Filters, Pm2.5 Purification Up To 99%;
Energy-Saving Dc Motor;
Easy Installation And Maintenance.

Product Detail


Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Three-layer high-efficiency filtration system: primary filter, medium filter and HEPA high efficiency filter. The PM2.5 purification efficiency of the whole machine is up to 99%.
  • Zinc-aluminum alloy panel with high anti-corrosion performance and simple and elegant appearance.
  • EPP integrated internal structure if of high strength, impact resistance, environmental protection and odorless.
  • DC motor of 5 speed, low energy consumption, low noise and long lifetime.
  • The newly designed counterflow heat exchanger effectively recovers temperature and humidity, and the recovery efficiency is up to 86%.
  • Compact and slim design, saving installation space.
  • Bottom access design for easier maintenance and saving access space.
  • The indoor air circulation purification mode, to purify indoor air circularly. The ultra-clean purification mode can quickly remove indoor pollutants.
  • Visual touch large-screen LCD controller: PM2. 5 highlight display, temperature display, time week display, different operation mode selection and display, weekly timer, filter cleaning alarm, etc.
Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator

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