Suspended Heat Energy Recovery Ventilators

Short Description:

DMTH series ERVs built with 10 Speeds DC Motor, High Efficiency Heat Exchanger, Different Pressure Gauge Alarm, Auto Bypass, G3+F9 Filter, Intelligent Control 

Product Detail


Energy recovery ventilators are central ventilation systems that provide fresh air, remove indoor stale air and balance the humidity within a building. Besides, they can use heat recovered from the stale air to heat the incoming clean air to a comfortable temperature. This all helps to create a clean and comfortable environment that enhances the well-being of building users.

Main Feature of Eco-Smart HEPA Energy Recovery Ventilators:

  1. Wide range air volume from 150m3/h to 6000m3/h, 10 speeds control
  2. High efficiency brush-less DC motor, ERP 2018 compliant
  3. High efficiency enthalpy heat recovery
  4. Auto bypass, intelligent controlled by outdoor temperature
  5. G3+F9 filter, efficiency over 96% to filter the particulate from 2.5µm to 10µm
  6. Intelligent control system, optional CO2 and humidity control function, external control and BMS control available
  7. Double filter alarm, timer alarm or different pressure gauge alarm available
  8. Specifications of Eco-Smart HEPA Energy Recovery Ventilators
ErP2018 Energy recovery ventilators
ErP2018 Energy recovery ventilators

Specification of ErP2018 Eco Smart Hepa Seires Energy recovery ventilators

energy recovery ventilator specifications

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Certificates for Energy Recovery Ventilators

energy recovery ventilator cetificates

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