Wall Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilators

Short Description:

- Easy Installation, don’t need to do ceiling ducting;
- Multiple HEPA purification of 99%;
- Indoor&outdoor air filtration;
- High efficiency heat and humidity recovery;
- Indoor slight positive pressure;
- High efficiency fan with DC motors;
- Air quality Index(AQI) monitoring;
- Silence operation;
- Remote control

Product Detail


ductless heat recovery ventilator
  • Multiple HEPA purification of 99%
  • Indoor&outdoor air filtration
  • High-efficiency heat and humidity recovery for optimized air comfort
  • Indoor slight positive pressure to keep the outdoor polluted air away
  • High-efficiency fan with DC motors
  • Remote control
  • Air Quality Index(AQI) monitoring
  • Silence Operation
  • Easy installation
wall ERV


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Two Version for Option

PM2.5 sensor version and CO2 sensor version for option

ductless heat recovery ventilator

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