DC invert fresh air heat pump energy recovery ventilator

Short Description:

Heating+cooling+energy recovery ventilation+disinfection
Now you can get an all-in-one package.

It has the following features:
1. Multiple Filters for Air Cleanness, Optional C-POLA Filter for Air Disinfection
2. Forward EC Fan
3. DC Inverter Compressor
4. Washable Cross Counterflow Enthalpy heat exchanger
5. Anticorrosion Condensation Tray, Insulated and waterproof side panel

Product Detail





Outdoor fresh air passes through the primary filter and F8 filter at OA side, to arrest the dust/ PM2.5/ other pollutants.


Introduce outdoor fresh air into the room & extract the stale air out; It recovers the heating in winter and recover cooling in summer.


After the first stage heat recovery, the air passes through the condensor for further heating/cooling.


The two airstreams run through the heat exchanger and condensor, it can decrease the moisture of fresh air.

1.Double energy recovery, COP over 6.
2Fresh air preconditioning, save your electricity bill on heating system and AC system greatly.
3.Work as an independent air conditioner in suitable seasons and places.
4.Low noise level of 37/42 dB(A).
5.Equipped with EC fans & DC inver ter compressor to minimize energy consumption.
6.Wide working ambient conditions from -15˚C~ 50˚C.
7.Indoor air quality monitoring like CO2, humidity, TVOC and PM2.5.


Working principle


Product Design

EC Fans
To save energy and meet the ERP2018 standard, it’s built with the forward EC motors with 0-10 Voltage control. It has 10 speeds and is featured by small vibration, low noise, energy-saving, and longer service life.

In summer, the 100% bypass contributes to improved comfort and it is controlled automatically on the basis of the measured outdoor temperatures.

Multiple Filters
The standard filters are G4 and F8 grade filters. The primary filter can remove dust, pollen and other pollutants from the incoming fresh air. They also protect the heat exchanger from clogging or corrosion. And the F8 filter can further purify the air. The PM2.5 particle filtration efficiency is over 95%. An optional air disinfection filter is available for higher filtration efficiency.
DC Inverter Compressor
It comes from the well-known brand GMCC. It compresses and expands refrigerant to transfer heat between the outdoor and indoor air streams. It is DC inverter type which can adjust its speed and output according to the load demand, ensuring energy saving performance and low noise level. It can also operate in a wide temperature range of -15˚C to 50˚C. Both R32 and R410a refrigerant available.
The cross-counterflow enthalpy heat exchanger can transfer heat and moisture between the outdoor and indoor air streams without mixing them. It can recover up to 80% of the energy from the exhaust air, reducing the heating or cooling load on the compressor. It is washable and easy to maintain. It has a lifetime of up to 15 years.


LCD Remote Control Panel


CONTROL & FUNCTIONS                                                      
01. Cooling mode
02. Ventilation mode
03. Filter alarm
04. Heating mode
05. SA setting
06. Dehumidification mode
07. Temperature type
08. Fan speed
09. Weekly timer on/off
10. Temperature display
11. Week day
12. Clock
13. ON/OFF button
14. Mode button
15.Up/Down button
16. Set button


Optional C-POLAR Disinfection Filter


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