Airwoods at the Canton Fair-Environmental friendly ventilation

From October 15th-19th, at the 134th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, Airwoods showcased its innovative ventilation solutions, including the latest upgrade single room ERV & new heat pump ERV& electric heating ERV and DP technology air purifier.

Airwoods at Canton Fair

The Single Room ERV's exceptional performance garnered significant attention at the show. It features a low-energy reversible EC duct fan, operates silently below 32.7dB, and comes standard with a prefilter and F7 (MERV11) filter for clean air.


The Heat Pump ERV's standout performance drew notable attention. It boasts multiple filters for air purity, an optional C-POLA filter for disinfection, an EC fan, and a DC inverter compressor.

Airwoods Heat pump

The Electric Heating ERV at the show with its top performance. It boasts multiple air-cleaning filters, an optional C-POLA filter for disinfection, 10-25 ℃Temperature rising function


In recent years, Airwoods Intelligent Buildings overseas has won the favor of global users with its high-quality and full range of products, leading energy-saving technology, environmental friendly ventilation and diversified scenario solutions.


Post time: Oct-24-2023

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