Taipei Arena Ice Land Skating Rink Chiller

Project Location

Taipei, Taiwan


Semi-Hermetic Screw Glycol Chiller


Arena Ice Land

Project Background:

The Taipei Arena Ice Land is currently the largest and only ice skating rink in Taiwan which meets international standards. The arena is 61m x 30m and the ice skating rink can hold up to 400 people. The Ice Land is the only arena with an ice rink that meets winter Olympics standards and has previously been approved by the executive committees of both the International Skating Union and the Asian Skating Union. Client demanded the highest standards when engineering its ice rink refrigeration systems. To exceed the expectations and meet government regulatory compliance, Taipei Arena Ice Land found us for water chilling solutions.

Project Solution:

Our main focus is providing customers with solutions that optimize their process. After consult with the project’s electrical and plumbing contractor, we selected Gree Hermetic Screw Glycol chillers as project solution. It is a unit for cooing down the ethylene glycol solution to low temperature and adopting high-efficient compressor and heat exchanger. The client require the outlet cooling medium temperature is -17 ˚C. With independent R&D compressor and the added economizer system, the cooling capacity increase 19.4%. and reaches 350 KW per chiller.

With the features of high-performance, stability, ease maintenance and compact structure, we deliver client a high energy efficient solution that meets international standard, also a world class skating rink fulfilled Taipei citizens romantic, joyful and unforgettable memories.

Post time: Sep-10-2020

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