Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller

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Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller

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It is a kind of air-cooled scroll chiller that can be connected to all sorts of fan coil unit to realize cooling/heating for civil or industrial buildings.

Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller Running condition real-time display.
Low start-up current thanks to power delay control design.
Use -type heat exchange tube to improve the heat-exchange efficiency of the complete unit;
Special equalizing plate design of shell and tube: the distribution of refrigerant is more even for improving the heat-exchanging efficiency of the complete unit.
Any module can be set as the main module.
Main module patent: any unit can be set as main module via wired controller.
Up to 16 units (60/7 1kW) or 8 units (120/145kW) can be integrated freely to get a max capacity of 1160kW thanks to modular design.
Auto anti-freezing function under heating mode when the unit is switched off.


Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller Modular Air-cooled Scroll Chiller

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