ISO8 Cleanroom for Ethiopian Airlines

In May 2019, Airwoods was successively being the general contractor of Ethiopian Airlines ISO8 clean room project.

In July 2019, before we start to arrange clean room construction materials & equipment production, we need to have a site check to make sure our design proposal & BOQ specifications are 100% no problem. Our team member flied to the project site and have study on the project site, have conversation with customer, and we finally came to one page of the design and discussed some preparation works before our construction team arrived at site, that’s very important.

Let's show the whole construction procedures of completing this project through some typical pictures we took at site.

The 1st one, working on the steel structure. We need to remove the fragile & old steel structure and add a new strong steel bars structure above the ceiling. It is no a easy job and actually this is an extra work for our team. The purpose is to hang and support the ceiling panels, you know they are so heavy and it must bear all the weight and can allow our members working above the ceiling. We spent around 5 days finishing the structure.

The 2nd one, working on the partition wall panels. We need to install the partitions according to the layout, we use magnesium sandwich panel for the partition walls & ceiling, it has good fire proof and sound proof performance but a little bit heavy. We team use the three-dimension level device to make sure it is upright, straight and precise, see the green lines in the photo. Meanwhile, we also need to cut the door and window opening size on the walls.

The 3rd one, working on the ceiling panels. As mentioned on the steel structure, the ceiling panels is hanged by the steel structure. We use lead screw & T bar to support the panels, and try to make them connected as tightly as possible. It is a physical jobs. We know Ethiopia is a highland of its capital Addis Abba, for us, every second to move the panels has to consume 3 times energy. We thanks for the clients’ team collaborating with us.

The 4th one, working on the HVAC ducting & AHU locating. HVAC system is the most important part of clean room project, because it controls indoors temperature & humidity, pressures & air cleanliness. We need to make the galvanized steel air duct as per the design layout at site, it costed many days, and then we need to do the fresh air ducting, return air ducting & exhaust ducting system by connecting the air duct by one by fixed with screws and insulated well.

The 5th one, working on the flooring. For this project, it is a high quality project, we use everything of the best, the clean room floor we use PVC floor not epoxy painting floor, that looks more beautiful and durable. Before we stick PVC floor, we have to ensure the original cement floor is flat enough and need to use self-leveling surface agent to brush the cement floor again, and two days later when the floor is dry, we can start to stick the PVC floor by the glue. See the picture, the color of the PVC floor is optional, you can choose the color you like.

The 6th one, working on the electricity, lighting and HEPA diffuser installation. Cleanroom lighting system, the wire/cable has to be introduced through inside the sandwich panel, on the one hand, it can guarantee dust free, on the other hand, the clean room looks more beautiful. We use Purified LED light and some emergency power of the lighting system, the HEPA diffuser with H14 filter as the supply terminals, we adopt ceiling supply air and bottom return air as the indoor air circulation system, which is applicable to ISO 8 design regulation.

The last, See the pictures of the finished cleanroom. everything looks great and got the onwer’s high reorganization. Finally, we handovered this project to the owner.

To summarize this project, we send 7 person to execute this project construction, the total duration is around 45 days including the commissioning , site training and self-inspection. Our professionals & prompt actions are the key points to win this project, our team rich oversea installation experience is the confidence source that we can handle this project such good, our qualified manufacturers of the materials & equipment is the foundation that we can guarantee it is an excellent high quality project.

Post time: May-25-2020

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