The Australian ventilation products market was valued at $1,788.0 million in 2020, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% during 2020-2030.

The key factors responsible for the growth of the market include the growing awareness of the environmental and health effects of air pollution, rising number of commercial and residential projects, and growing preference for decentralized ventilation.

The need for ventilation products in Australia reduced in 2020, due to the low demand from various industries, such as manufacturing and construction, as a result of the lockdown enforced by the government.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted the manufacturing of a variety of ventilation products, and led to the disruption in the supply chain, owing mostly to the prolonged lockdown, which considerably restricted the growth of the industry. However, due to the increased awareness of air quality and pollution, the market is likely to overcome the unfavorable consequences in the coming years.

Preference Toward Energy-Efficient Ventilation Systems Is a Key Market Trend

There is a surging preference for energy-efficient ventilation systems, due to factors such as high carbon emissions, rise in pollution levels, and increase in need to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. New and better ventilation devices and systems are being developed to meet the rising air tightness standards for buildings, as people become more aware of the importance of indoor air quality.

Energy-efficient ventilation systems have a large ventilation capacity and contribute to lowering CO2 levels in buildings, avoiding the creation of an enclosed space for restaurants and other large-scale facilities, reducing the risk of infectious disease spread, and lowering commercial facility emissions.

Rising Number of Commercial and Residential Projects and Growing Preference of Decentralized Ventilation Are Driving the Market Growth

The rising number of residential and commercial projects, owing to the growing population and increasing construction industry in the country, is a major factor propelling the growth of the ventilation products market in Australia. For instance, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated the total construction work done rose by 0.8% to $36,415.4 million (AUD 52,875.5 million) in the June quarter of 2021. While the value of the total construction work done rose by 0.4% from June 2020 to June 2021.

Moreover, the value for work done in the residential sector was reported $13,117.9 million (AUD 19,047.4 million), while for the non-residential sector it was $7,931.1 million (AUD 11,516.1 million). Thus, the increasing infrastructure spending and the booming construction sector in the country are supporting the growth of the Australian ventilation products market.

As compared to centralized ventilation, decentralized ventilation offers numerous benefits. Decentralized ventilation enables the system to meet the demand of each zone in terms of indoor air quality. Furthermore, decentralized systems can improve ventilation efficiency by removing pollutants closer to the source, reducing the volume of supply air needed, and the energy required to condition and distribute it. These systems are advantageous because each component of a building's ventilation system may be operated individually. And it’s easy to install and maintain. To cater the rapid growth of Austrian Energy-efficient Decentralized ventilation systems, Holtop have the products of ductless wall mounted energy recovery ventilators and the single room energy recovery ventilators. 


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