2021 Alibaba Live Broadcast Schedule

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14:00 p.m, March 4th (CST) Eco Vent Pro Plus Energy Saving Ventilation and  PPE Products Production Cleanroom Service Tom, Andrew  Live on 4th, March https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=4a9dea3e-85f7-4071-b82d-46318b0ea10a&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
Jonny, Fauna
16:00 p.m, March 8th (CST)  Eco Vent Pro ERV;
Smart Controller and IAQ Monitoring;
DX Coil Type AHU;
Barika, Felix  308 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=f06a9b01-e8f5-4e2a-9ade-51cc44767beb&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
Danny, Ken
14:00 p.m, March 9th (CST) Eco-smart Pro Plus ERV;
Optional Smart Controllers;
Optional Filters;
PCR Cleanroom Service
Cici, Rita  Live on 9, March https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=183e049e-4666-49b7-af84-b838e6413ecd&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
Wayne, Jonny
16:00 p.m, March 10th (CST) ERV Control System Function Review and Operation;
Industrial AHU Application Cases in Automobile Workshop
Amanda, Rubby  310 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=eb9f3057-a96d-471c-8314-384c619b179f&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
Danny, Ken
16:00 p.m, March 11th (CST) Healthy Fresh Air Solutions
UVC Disinfection Box for Ventilation System
Disinfection Type Air Purifier
Tom, Andrew  311 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=67587544-3be6-4de2-a4b8-e8833db3868a&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
12:00 p.m, March 12th (CST) New Heat Pump Type Heat Recovery Ventilation System;
New Multifunctional  Air Disinfection Purifier
Cici, Rita  312 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=2c2d3713-1593-4677-8d44-e2a8e150a638&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
15:00 p.m, March 18th (CST) Installation and Application of Ductless Type ERV;
New Multifunctional  Air Disinfection Purifier
Barika, Felix  318 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=51a2ffc1-0f4f-49fb-9917-5b64cf1a47a4&referrer=sellerConsuleShare
Wayne, Tom
13:00 p.m, March 19th (CST) Fresh Air Purification Solutions for Schools Amanda,Rubby  319 live https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=624560a0-0b1c-43e0-9a79-108bc4dbe1da&referrer=sellerConsuleShare

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