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Elementary School HVAC Solution

Project Background:

Client is a reputable importer and manufacturer of renewable energy solution and smart control system. They are serving for a wide range of projects for commercial and industrial buildings, residential houses, houseboats and schools. As Airwoods, we share same philosophy with clients and aim to be socially and environmentally friendly in everything we do. And strive to provide sustainable, economical and energy efficient solutions to our customer.

Client is asked to provide a suitable ventilation solution to 3 elementary schools for their upcoming back-to-school season. School owners requested the classroom to be circulated with fresh air and cool down during summer, provide clean air for their children in comfort temperature and humidity. Since client already has water pump to provide chilled water as the fuel for air precool and preheat. They quickly made up their mind on what indoor unit they want, and that is Holtop’s air handling unit.


Project Solution:

At initial stage of communication, we consulted client with different type of solutions. Such as using air to air heat recovery, change the supply fan from constant speed to variable speed, and enlarge the airflow meanwhile decrease the number of AHU, for the purpose of finding the best solution to bring comfortable and clean air for the children, yet it is cost-effective and easy for installation and maintenance.

After several trials and tests, client confirmed the solution to be 1200 m3/h for supply air flow, and bring 30% (360 m3/h) fresh air from outside to classroom at a certain cycle per hour, the children and teachers will feel like they are sitting outdoor and breathing the refreshing air. Meanwhile there are 70% (840 m3/h) air are circulating in the classroom, to actively bring down energy consumption. In summer, the AHU sends in the outdoor air at 28 degree, and precool it by chilled water to 14 degree, the air that sends into classroom will be around 16-18 degree.

We are so glad and proud to be part of the project that could make the ambient conditions comfortable for the children, in an sustainable and economical way that everyone is happy to accept.

Post time: Aug-31-2020

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