2021 June Alibaba Online Tradeshow Liveshow Schedule

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Date: 15:00 p.m, June 17th CST 

1. Introduction of comfort fresh air heat recovery ventilator
2. Introduction and application of single room ERV
3. WIFI control DMTH series ERV + test of UVC disinfection box
4. Airwoods cleanroom service introduction & project cases

618 live 16x9

Date: 15:00 p.m, June 18th CST 

1. Rooftop AC, Air Cooled Modular Chiller/Heat Pump, DX AHU
2. CO2 control version wall mounted ERV
3. New design vertical heat recovery ventilator
4. Eco-vent pro ERV with smart controller

622 live 16x9

Date: 15:00 p.m, June 22nd CST  

1. Installation and performance test of comfort fresh air HRV
2. Introduction of 3D counter-flow heat exchanger
3. DMTH series ERV application, installation and WIFI control
4. Industrial air handling unit

623 1920

Date: 15:00 p.m, June 23rd CST 

1. Ceiling type air purifier
2. Single room heat recovery ventilator
3. Wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator CO2 version
4. Floor standing ERV installation and application
5. New fresh air dehumidifier

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