Holtop DX Coil Purification Air Handling Unit for Vaccine Factory

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DX Coil Purification Air Handling Unit


Vaccine Factory

Project Description:
Our client owns a vaccine factory that helps different types of poultry such as chicken, cows and pigs to get antibody against different virus. They have got business licence from government and construction is undergoing. They seek out Airwoods for HVAC system that helps them handle the indoor air quality, to ensure the production is complying to ISO standards and local regulations.

Project Solution:

The factory is basically divided into 2 parts: Key production areas, offices and corridors.

Key production areas include the product room, inspection room, filling room, mixing room and bottle wash room and laboratories. They have certain demand for indoor air cleanliness, which is ISO 7 class. Air cleanliness means temperature, relative humidity and pressure should be strictly controlled. While the other part has no such demand. For this reason, we designed 2 HVAC system. In this article, we will focus on the purification HVAC system for key production areas.

Firstly we worked with client’s engineers to define the dimension of key production areas, gained clear understanding of the daily workflow and personnel flow. As a result, we successfully designed the major equipment of this system, and that is the purification air handling unit.

The purification air handling unit supply total airflow of 13000 CMH, distributed later by HEPA diffusers to each room. The air would first be filtered by panel filter and bag filter. Then the DX coil would cool it down to 12C or 14C, and transform the air into condensate water. Next, the air would be heated up a bit by electric heater, to remove humidity to 45%~55%.

By purification, it means the AHU is not only able to control the temperature, and filter the particles, but also able to control the humidity as well. At local city, the outdoor air’s relative humidity is somewhere over 70%, sometimes over 85%. It is too much and would likely bring moisture to the finished products and erode the production equipment since those ISO 7 areas require the air to be just 45%~55%.

Holtop purification HVAC system is designed to help industries of vaccine, pharmaceutical, hospital, manufacturing, food and many others, to have the indoor air quality controlled and monitored, complying to ISO and GMP standard, so that clients would be able to make their high-quality products under high-quality conditions.

Post time: Apr-28-2021

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