Airwoods Pneumatic Laboratory Cleanroom Solution

Project Location

Guangzhou, China

Cleanliness Class

GMP 300,000


Pneumatic Laboratory

Project Background: 

Airwoods' new pneumatic laboratory was launched on November 27th. This laboratory is built by Airwoods' cleanroom team. It has strict control from design, equipment selection and material procurement, installation, and acceptance. The purification class of the pneumatic laboratory can reach GMP 300,000.

The laboratory is mainly used for testing of HVAC product’s motor and related airflow parameters, including air volume, static pressure, fan motor speed, motor torque, running current, power, product air leakage rate (carbon dioxide tracking) etc. and the data comparison. To ensure accurate test data, it is necessary to establish a stable temperature and humidity dust-free clean room.

Project Solution:

The construction of the cleanroom laboratory has the following four major characteristics:

1.The door of the laboratory adopts an automatic rolling curtain door, which has good sealing performance and large door size (up to 2.2m) to facilitate the entry and exit of equipment.

2. Double glazed window specially designed for cleanroom has good sealing performance. The window system is completely sealed with silicone, and the space between the two panels is filled with nitrogen to absorb moisture and eliminate frogging.

3.The partition walls and ceilings are all made of purified color-steel panels, which are flat and smooth, hard to accumulate dust, and easy to clean. Panels are connected with purification aluminum profile. All the external and internal corners are arc treated, and the surface is smooth and not easy to accumulate dust.

4. The cleanroom is equipped with an independent fresh air heat recovery system; adopting a ducted-AC unit , the control panel can adjust the temperature and air volume, and the temperature can be maintained at 22±4℃, and humidity ≤80%.

Post time: Nov-27-2021

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