Nigeria Pharmaceutical Factory Cleanroom Solution

Project Location

Lagos, Nigeria

Cleanliness Class

ISO 8, ISO 7


 Capsule, Tablet Manufacturing

nigeria pharmaceutical factory cleanroom

Project Service: 

Airwoods as the turnkey project solution provider to provide the services including construction design, HVAC system design, lighting design, pure water and compressed air system design, construction materials & HVAC system equipment procurement, Transportation & Delivery.

Cleanroom Environment Control Requirements:

This project includes ISO8, ISO7 the classified areas and Non-classified areas. For the classified rooms, we design the constant temperature and humidity purification air conditioning system(23°c ±2°c/50%±5%); for the Non-classified rooms, we design as comfort AC system(around 25°c ).

What Benifits the customer can get from Airwoods:

1. One-stop Services, that can help customer saving much time and ensuring the supply items quality.
2. Economical Solution, which can help customer saving investment money.
3. Package delivery, which can guarantee the shipping on time and save the shipping freight.
4. Customization Product, which can meet all customer’s and project’s construction requirements for achieving a wonderful project.

Post time: Oct-09-2021

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