Holtop DX Coil Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit for Panama Hospital

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DX Coil Heat Recovery AHU



Project Description:
Our client is contracted with a job to supply and install HVAC system to a hospital in Panama. The hospital has several areas, such as reception hall, inpatient rooms, operation rooms, offices. In operation rooms, they use separate HVAC system which is 100% fresh air and 100% exhaust air, as there is virus related, the air must be handled carefully. Client assigned the reception hall job to Holtop, our responsibility is to provide good HVAC solution for the local people.

Project Solution:
The hospital is designed with a total fresh air handling unit to pre-cool the air in the first process.

In the second process, we have to consider carefully about area size, air changes per hour, estimated amount of people in the reception hall. In the end we calculated the air volume needed is 9350 m³/h.

Since the air in this area is not contagious, we use air to air heat exchange recuperator, to exchange temperature and humidity between fresh air and indoor air, so that the reception hall would be cooled down in a more energy-saving way. In the long run, the recuperator is able to save outstanding electricity for the hospital.

The AHU is designed to cool down the reception hall at 22 degree to 25 degree, by a sophisticated direct expansion coil, using eco-friendly refrigerant R410A. Few of big advantages of direct expansion system are that less pipe for welding and connecting, smaller space needed for equipment installation.

As a result, then patients, nurses, doctors and other people would feel comfortable at this area. Holtop is honored to work with our client and this project, we take pride in supply excellent AHU to have people around the world to enjoy better indoor air quality.

Post time: Apr-02-2021

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