Dominican Morgan Hospital HVAC Solution

Project Location

Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic


Floor standing heat recovery AHU




Key requirement for Hospital HVAC: 

Air purified and lower energy consumption of AC

1. Hospital is the most densely public for people who carrying bacteria and viruses, and is considered as the gathering center of pathogenic micro-organisms, so keep on constant Ventilation with air purified is the way to reduce cross infection.

2. The energy consumption of AC systems takes more than 60% of the total energy consumption of the buildings. Fresh air ventilation with heat recovery AHU is an perfect solution to bring purified fresh air and recovery heat from indoor return air.


Project Solution:

1. Provide 11 pieces FAHU, and each of the FAHU equipped with Holtop unique ER paper cross-flow total heat exchanger. Feature of high efficiency heat and moisture transfer rate, fire retardant, anti-bacteria protect people from virus infection and save the running costs of AC.

2. In order to meet the operation model in different area of the hospital, All AHU fan are driven with variable speed motor, so that the hospital BMS integrated all AHU to operate in the needs.

Post time: Feb-19-2021

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