ISO 8 Cleanroom For Australia Cosmetic Company

Project Location

 Sydney, Australia

Cleanliness Class



Cosmetic Manufacturing

Project Background: 

The client is an Australian luxury cosmetic company dedicated to create an affordable and performance-based skincare products. With the continuous expansion of the company, The client chose Airwoods to supply ISO 8 cleanroom material and design its HVAC system.

Project Solution:

Just like other projects, Airwoods provided a full range of services to the client including cleanroom budgeting, planning, and cleanroom material. The total cleanroom area is 55 square meters with 9.5 meters length, 5.8 meters width and 2.5 meters height. To create a dust-free environment and meet the ISO 8 and production process standard, the humidity and temperature is controlled with the range of 45%~55% and 21~23 °C.

Cosmetic is a science-led industry where special care needs to be taken to ensure products are produced to the highest safety standards. With the newly built ISO 8 cleanroom, the client can rely on it and carry out the core activities of production, research and development.


Post time: Oct-20-2020

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