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Project Background:

Client is automatic spray painting system manufacturer. The intention of the project is to create an automatic paint production line for small scale industries to avoid the lack of skilled labors.

The use of waterborne and solvent based paint means that humidity and temperature control is essential in the painting and drying booths. Client request an equipment to exhaust the moisture in the air, and maintain indoor temperature to dry product painting in quick time. As solution for paint booth HVAC system, we offered our Air Handling Unit with customized functions that ideally fits client’s requirements.

Project Solution:

We confirmed the project requirements and work flow of production plant. Through our mutual communication with client, we confirmed the amount of airflow, relative humidity, moisture, temperature to select functions for the Air Handling Unit. Lastly, we build an customized control system based on client’s drying process.

The Air Handling Unit sends fresh air at 7000 m3/h, and is able to extract 15 kg of moisture per hour inside the facility. To accelerate the drying process, the Air Handling Unit increase the temperature to 55°C. The dried indoor air making the paintings not too dry or too wet, but in perfect condition.

Production efficiency increased with low consumption of energy and electricity. With the help of auto control system, it makes the work smart and efficient, yet under strict monitor.

Post time: Aug-20-2020

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