Vocs Treatment – Recognized as High-Tech Enterprise

Airwoods – HOLTOP Environmental Protection

Pioneer in environmental protection of lithium battery separator industry

Airwoods – Beijing Holtop Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is certificated as high-tech enterprise. It involves in the field of environmental protection and resource recycling, with VOCs treatment and recycling as its core technology.

High-Tech Enterprise

Airwoods – Beijing Holtop Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. independently researches and develops the technology of adsorption and recovery of volatile organic compounds (vocs treatment), the separation and recovery of extract VOCs, providing a full range of environmental protection solutions for waste gas and waste liquid recycling treatment of industrial plants.

vocs treatment

Hunan New Materials Co., Ltd Lithium Battery Membrane Production Line Waste Gas and Waste Liquid Turnkey Solution

vocs treatment

Hubei New Materials Co., Ltd. Filling Waste Liquid Treatment Turnkey Solution

vocs treatment

Guangzhou New Materials Co., Ltd Waste Gas Treatment and Recycling Turnkey Solution

To make air treatment more healthy and energy-saving, we commit to the development of technology in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating an extraordinary experience for users and become world advanced brand.

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