Airwoods Successfully Showed at the 2020 BUILDEXPO

The 3rd BUILDEXPO was held on 24 – 26 February 2020 at Millennium Hall Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was the one place to source new products, services and technology from around the world. Ambassadors, trade delegations and representatives from various countries and ministries were confirmed to be present to meet and support the companies representing their countries at the event. As an exhibitor of this BuildExpo, Airwoods welcomed visitors from all over the world at Stand No.125A.

About the Event

BUILDEXPO Africa is the only show with the widest range of the latest technologies in construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. After 22 successful editions of BUILDEXPO in Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa’s largest building and construction fair, it had ventured into the Ethiopian market. The third edition of BUILDEXPO ETHIOPIA will provide an international business platform by enabling global investment opportunities.

Booth Construction

Airwoods people arrived at Ethiopia on 21st and took nearly 2 days to build the booth. The theme of Airwoods booth is A+ Cleanroom for Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Medical Care, Electronic industries.

Perfect moment

The 3 days shows of Airwoods’ innovative HVAC products and package service for building air temperature/humidity/cleanness/pressure etc. has gained high acknowledgment by visitors. At the spot, potential customer couldn’t wait to talk about their projects. They’re excited to find Airwoods here who could present them with professional solutions, solving their confuses quickly.

On Fed. 24, Airwoods was pleasure to be interviewed by the chairman of the chamber of commerce chamber of Addis, and Ethiopian TV.

Following is the dialogue:

Chairman/ETV :Are you from China.
Answer:Good morning sir, yes, we are from Guangzhou China.
Chairman/ETV :What do your company do?
Answer:We are Airwoods, we found in 2007, we are supplier of HVAC machine, and building air quality solution both in commercial and industrial
Chairman/ETV :It’s your first time to Ethiopia?
Answer:It’s our first time to join the Building Expo, and this is our second time come to Ethiopia. Last year,Nov.our team build an clean room for the Ethiopian Airlines, it’s a oxygen bottle clean and re-fill room, which strictly need to control air temperature, humidity,pressure and cleanness.
ETV:So will your company will invest in Ethiopia?
Answer:We come here to build clean room for Ethiopian airline, and we feel people here are nice and friendly, we believe Ethiopia is an potential market, so in the future, we will very possibility to open company here.
ETV:OK, thanks for your interview.
Answer:It’s my pleasure.
Chairman:OK, great, so will your company come to Ethiopia?
Answer:Yes, it’s our great honour to work with Ethiopian Airline and Ethiopian people. Ethiopia is an fast developing market in Africa. There will be more and more commercial and industrial building in Addis, and we believe our solution to control building air temperature, humidity, cleanness and pressure will bring people a better production and living environment.
Chairman:OK, wish you have a nice exhibition.
Answer:Thank you sir, and wish you have a good day.

After the exhibition

Soon after the exhibition, Airwoods did a presentation for one of the new customers in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is full of opportunities and challenges. Airwoods will keep to improve ourselves and offer optimized building air quality (BAQ) solution to the Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Medical Care, Electronic industries.

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